10 Most Popular Candle Scents

for That Special Occasion


10 Most Popular Candle Scents

for That Special Occasion

Scented Candles are perfect accessories to elevate the vibe of any setting. Whether it is a wedding or a gifting occasion, these scented luminaries create a sensory backdrop that lingers in the hearts and minds of those present. Just like there is a Spotify playlist for every mood, there is a special scent to alleviate each of your hearty moments. Karl Winters reveals the top 10 most popular candle scents you should be considering for that special occasion.

The Fascination with Candles

The fascination with candle scents stems from their remarkable ability to influence our emotions, transform our moods, and craft environments that deeply resonate with our inner selves. Home fragrance acts as a silent language, conveying messages about personal style and how it enriches our lives. Infact, this contemporary obsession with  well-being and Instagram worthy aesthetics is further fueling our affinity towards scented candles.

The Hallmarks of a Premium Candle Scent

Scented candles have become a household essential – who wouldn’t want their homes to smell amazing? As the popularity of candles continue to soar, they have evolved into an essential element that’s part of the house décor. Regardless of the occasion, these candles possess the ability to transform ordinary moments into something extra special. Here are a few hallmarks to consider, before purchasing a premium candle for your next big event:

Candle Hot Throw

If you have purchased several candles, you might have noticed how with some candles you need to step closer to truly appreciate the fragrance, while others effortlessly permeate your entire room within a short period. Which is exactly what ‘hot throw’ means. Hot throw is closely associated with the quality of a scent and suggests how well the scent of a candle travels through the air to fill up a space, once burned. So, when your ready to purchase a premium candle, you may want to ask about its hot throw.

Sophisticated Aromas

Another contributing factor is the sophistication and complexity of the candle scent. A rich aroma refers to candles that emits a more evocative  scent that simply lasts longer. This is primarily influenced by a perfumer and their insatiable ability to expertly blend ingredients into a harmonious and balanced fragrance. When shopping for a premium candle, consider reputable brands known for their quality and positive customer reviews. Alternatively, it’s recommended that you test candles in-store or start with smaller sizes to evaluate the aroma quality.

Candle Wax

Candle wax can also make a difference in the burn experience of a candle. There are a numbers of candles waxes, ranging from soy, coconut, beeswax, and paraffin. For example, soy and beeswax are derived from sustainable sources that are more environmentally friendly than petroleum-based waxes like paraffin. Another advantage of natural waxes is that they burn cleaner with little to no soot – but these tend to increase the price of candles. So, its essential to consider the type of candle wax to ensure a higher quality aroma experience.

Scented Candles for That Special Occasion

Grand or intimate — there are an endless number of scented candles for different occasions. Choosing a premium candle scent for that special occasion requires some thoughtful consideration. Whether celebrating a wedding ceremony, a milestone achievement, or a festive dinner event, the best candle scent will elevate your experience and turn it into something memorable.

Corporate vs Personal Gifting​

Corporate vs Personal Candle Gifting

Corporate vs Personal Gifting

Candle scents for corporate gifting should be universally appealing such as energizing citrus notes or even lavender and vanilla. In contrast, personal gifting allows for a more intimate selection, tailored to the recipient's tastes.

Cultural Sensitivity​

Cultural sensitivity to candle gifting

Cultural Sensitivity

Cultural sensitivity plays a role in ensuring that fragrance selection aligns with local traditions. Cultural nuances influence the choice of scents, adding context and meaning to that occasion. For example, people that live on the sunny beaches of Florida may prefer fresh and fruity scents such as grapefruit and sea salt. In contrast, people in Middle Eastern countries like Dubai may prefer oriental florals such as rose, amber and oud.

Seasonal Implications​

Seasonal implications

Seasonal Implications

Each season brings its own palette of fragrances that evoke feelings for that moment in time. For example, during the crisp days of Autumn, comforting scents like patchouli and ceder create a cozy atmosphere for family gatherings. Summer scents call for bright, refreshing notes of orange blossom and jasmine, transporting individuals to vibrant outdoor settings.

Individual Preferences​


Individual Preferences

Each person has special tastes and sensitivities. Understanding the recipient's scent preferences enables a more personalized gift selection. While some prefer more pervasive masculine home scents such as leather and vetiver, others may gravitate towards gender-neutral scents like sandalwood and lily of the valley.

Housewarming Gifts​

Housewarming gifts

Housewarming Gifts

When selecting candle scents for housewarming gifts, consider fragrances that evoke warmth and comfort. Vanilla based scents are pleasant and inviting, whereas opulent fragrances such as incense evoke a sense of spirituality and well-being. Moreover, you can also opt for fragrances that complement the interior design and colors of that space.

When embarking on your next purchase for that special occasion, below are our recommendations for

10 Most Popular Candle Scents

Founded in 1961, Diptyque is a Parisian fragrance house that specializes in luxury home fragrances such as candles and room sprays. Their candle scents are internationally recognized for their superior throw and rich, natural aromas. Classical scents include Roses, Sapin and Santal, but Baies is considered one of their best sellers. Its described as a rich floral/fruity aroma of blackcurrant berries, roses and green freshness. Baies makes for a wonderful housewarming candle gift during the Fall Season.

Main notes: blackcurrant, rose, jasmine.
Price: $74 USD

Created by perfumer Christine Nagel in 2014, Wood Sage & Sea Salt is a perfume favorite for celebrities like Meghan Markel. A Joe Malone best seller, the scent is available as a cologne, hand lotion, body cream, candle, and mist. Designed to evoke the freshness of the sea, a range of woody notes are added that evoke feelings of comfort and nature.

Main notes: sage, ambrette seeds, guaiac wood.
Price: $80 USD

Founded in 2016 by Eddie Roschi and Fabrice Penot, Le Labo has taken the fragrance industry by storm. Their first candle was an intoxicating “sandalwood inspired” scent titled Santal 26, which became an instant success. The introduction of Laurier 62 is testament to the 62 ingredients that make up this fragrance: a warm, herbal concoction of thyme, clove, amber patchouli, and much more! Laurier 62 is for those aficionados that savor sharp spicy aromas for those early morning workouts.

Main notes: sandalwood, musk, spices.
Price: $84 USD

Manufactured in France, Cire Trudon is one of the oldest candle markers of our time. Trudon candles are handcrafted with exceptional quality, enlisting the expertise of well-known perfumers. Abd El Kader is a unique scent known for its fresh notes of green mint and tea which are complemented with the fruitiness of blackcurrant and ginger. A classical luxury candle gift for that special summer afternoon.

Main notes: Mint, ginger, jasmine. 

Price: $125 US

Paris based L’Artisan Parfumeur was established in 1976, offering a range of luxury scented candles, perfumes as well bath & body lotions. They have a more limited distribution network so purchasing their candles is best through their website. L’Ambre candle focuses on the amber accord with ingredients like incense, labdanum, tonka, and warm spices. Burning this candle evokes a rich and warm experience designed to transport you to the exotic lands of the Far East.

Main notes: amber, benzoin, tonka.

Price: $87 USD

Power couple Sid & Ann Mashburn are no strangers to fashion. Based in Atlanta, Mashburn has evolved into a US fashion house that caters to an unpretentious clientele that values quality. The brand stepped into the world of fragrance in 2023, introducing a new luxury candle collection available in 4 exclusive scents: 308, 926, 138, and 150. The 926 candle is named after their New York Madison Avenue store address, and boasts notes of vetiver, cade, and incense. A special candle gift for those that value art and craftsmanship

Main notes: vetiver, incense, cade wood.
Price: $75 USD

Koobo candles was founded in New York by Junko Kobori, offering scented candles crafted from pure organic soy wax. Their candles have been well received with a international customer base spanning the US, Europe and Asia. Considered one their best sellers, Vetiver Shaved Vanilla evokes the soft creaminess of sandalwood, contrasted with sweetness of vanilla. Other ingredients reveal the earthiness of vetiver, patchouli, and white musk. This scent is warm, elegant, with an immersion of natural freshness that will have you wanting more.

Main notes: vanilla, patchouli, amber.

Price: $42.50

Karl Winters is Canadian-based candle brand with a fresh outlook on the olfactive experience. With 10+ years experience as a candle manufacturer, Parisian Rose candle was launched in 2021, taking its inspiration from Paris Fashion Week. Housed in a luxurious matte pink and burgundy vessel, this candle gives off a rose-berry scent that is modern, rich, and seductive. Blackcurrant and velvet provide opulence and depth, followed by comforting green notes. A sophisticated rose candle scent that makes for a beautiful Valentines or Mothers Day gift.

Main notes: rose, blackcurrant, violet 

Price: $46 USD

Tom Dixon is an industrial designer that specializes in lighting, furniture and premium house gifting objects. His foray into luxury candles has been well received with the recent introduction of Alchemy candles and diffusers. As a design pioneer, Alchemy candles are housed in beautiful vessels made of wood, brass and iron. An ode to spiritual aromas, Alchemy delivers an olfactive experience with a special concoction of incense, leather, guaiac wood. A treat for candle aficionados that love the magical smell of incense.

Main notes: incense, guaiac wood, leather.

Price: $115 USD

Based in the South of France, Mad et Len was founded on the premise of creative expression and the enablement of multisensorial experiences. The brand visibly stands out with their use of sleek black iron vessels which serve as wonderful decorative objects. The beauty of Cypres de Max emanates from the fresh woody notes of cypress, a plant native to the Mediterranean basin. Cedar notes are combined with sparkles of mandarin, delivering a soothing scent that is refined and elegant.

Main notes: cedarwood, cypress, mandarin tree.

Price$130 USD