Fragrances That
Inspire The

Discover Our
Fragrance Library

Fragrances That
Inspire The

Discover Our Fragrance Library

Karl Winters offers a rich and evocative fragrance library created by our perfumer in Grasse, France.

Relentless in the pursuit of excellence, our fragrances are unique to the Karl Winters brand.

Perfumer created fragrance library

The Fragrance library is a curation of modern & sophisticated scents that represent the 4 olfactive families.

Our library is designed for brands interested in luxury home fragrances with an MOQ starting at 500.


The Fresh family is characterized by aquatic, citrus or

fruity fragrances. From the classical “Sunny” citrus

notes to scents that evoke the Ocean, the Fresh family

is crisp, green, sparkling and refreshing.

Pomelo Santal

Grapefruit, Neroli, Sandalwood

Berries Patchouli

Red Fruits, Violet, Patchouli

Tea Bergamot

Bergamot, Green Tea, Mandarin

Sea Breeze

Watermelon, Coconut, Ocean Breeze

St Tropez

Lily Of The Valley, Sea Breeze, Fig

Sweet Delight

Litchi, Blackcurrant, Rose Petals


The Floral family features a broad spectrum of floral

notes, from the traditional flowers to the most exotic

ones. Floral fragrances are described as timeless,

feminine, romantic and captivating.

Autumn Sun

Red Apple, Wild Flowers, Patchouli

Dolce Vita

Red Apple, Wild Flowers, Patchouli

Pink Rose

Rose, Peach, Pink Pepper

Vanilla Flower

Vanilla, Orchid, Jasmine

White Tea and Lilac

White Tea, Lilac, Leather

Wild Lavender

Artemisia, French Lavender, Rosemary

Tahitian Flower

Tiare Flower, Ylang-Ylang, Waterfruits


The Oriental family, also known as Ambers, are made

of herbs, spices, and dry resins. Orientals are often

combined with woody or floral ingredients to deliver

rich & dynamic olfactive experiences.

Ambre Noire

Amber, Oud, Vanilla

Oriental Rose

Rose, Saffron, Oud

Imperial Oud

Oud, Amber, Spices


The Woody family is a versatile fragrance collection

derived from woody sources such as trees, pines and

resins. Woody scents are often combined with floral

and fresh ingredients to create experiences that evoke

warmth, luxury and sophistication.

Incense Guaiac Wood

Incense, Amber, Guaiac Wood


Patchouli, Vetiver, Cedarwood