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Private Label Candles For Your Brand

  • Are you a successful brand interested in offering a sensorial collection of luxury private label candles?
  • Is your brand experience built around high quality products and services that engage the senses?


Karl Winters works with leading luxury & lifestyle brands to differentiate themselves by developing a transformational collection of private label candles & diffusers. Our creative team are experts at integrating inspirational elements of your brand into an iconic scented candle collection. One that customers will love.


As a private label candle manufacturer, our order minimums start at 500 units.  We offer branded candles and reed diffusers in a variety of glass containers, natural waxes, luxury fragrance oils and box packaging.

Private Label Diffusers

Home ambiance reed diffusers are a unique way to decorate your home or office with beautiful diffuser bottles. The best reed diffusers are ideal for room decoration, from an aesthetic and olfactory point of view.

As a luxury home fragrance brand, Karl Winters offers private label diffusers that expertly capture a brand’s character – incorporating a sophisticated design aesthetic, luxurious packaging and lasting quality aromas. Whether its for the office, living room or gifting, choose from a number of diffuser bottles, reed sticks, bottle caps, and box packaging. Our design team provides expert guidance on diffuser bottle selection, trendy color decorations and fragrance oils that will elevate your brand.

Premium FragranCe Oils from Grasse

One of the main factors that determines the quality of a luxury private label candle is fragrance. The best smelling candles incorporate premium fragrance oils that are produced from reliable fragrance manufacturers.

In order to source the highest quality ingredients, we select fragrance producers that share our values for quality, authenticity and sustainability.

Grasse, a small town in the South of France, is the perfume capital of the world as its enjoys a rich tradition in the art of perfumery. Known for growing flowers such as may rose, jasmine, lavender and gardenia, in 2018, Grasse was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status for fragrance production.

By sourcing fragrance oils from Grasse, Karl Winters delivers a world class fragrance experience that will delight customers.

Fragrance Categories

Our high quality fragrances are designed by a talented perfumer based in Grasse, France.  Select one or more scents from our fragrance library which are representative of the 4 categories – Floral, Fresh, Woody or Oriental. For a more personalized fragrance experience, our 12-week bespoke program with a perfumer is designed to craft a unique fragrance that is authentic and memorable. 


The end result is a beautiful artistic fragrance that is consistent with your brand identity. In addition to scented candles, the fragrance can be incorporated into several applications such as reed diffusers, scent air diffusion, and more. 







Fresh cut flowers with a powdery note. Common flowers include jasmine, rose, peony, gardenia and orange blossom.


Aquatic, herbal, citrus and ocean scents. Common notes are bergamot, sage and grapefruit


Warm, woody and luxurious, most common notes include patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood.


Often described as seductive and exotic, this family includes notes of spices, vanilla, amber and oud.

Companies we had the pleasure to develop luxury private label candles include:

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