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in custom fragrances and luxury candles

Custom Luxury Candles For Your Brand

  • Are you a successful brand interested in a sensorial collection of luxury private label candles?
  • Is your brand built around high quality products and services that engage the senses?

Karl Winters is a leading scent branding firm that specializes in the development of custom fragrances and luxury private label candles with an art aesthetic. Our design team are experts at transforming brand experience into an iconic collection of candles and diffusers.  One that your customers will love.

As a private label candle manufacturer, our order minimums start at 500 units. We offer branded candles in a variety of customized containers (glass, ceramic, metallic, and more), premium fragrance oils and box packaging with high-end finishes.

Private Label Diffusers

Home ambiance diffusers are a special way to elevate your space with decorative glass bottles.  The best diffusers offer luxury fragrances with reed sticks that deliver long lasting aromas throughout the day.

As a luxury home fragrance brand, Karl Winters private label diffusers are designed to capture your brand’s identity in a tasteful and meaningful way. Whether its for the office, living room or event gifting, we offer a number of diffuser bottle styles, reed sticks, and box packaging. 

Our design team can guide you with bottle selection and fragrances that are specific to your company branding.

Premium Fragrance Oils from Grasse

Fragrance raw materials determine the aroma quality of a private label luxury candle. The best smelling candles use premium fragrance oils that are produced from reliable fragrance manufacturers. Its for this reason that we select fragrance producers that share our values for quality, transparency, and sustainability.

Grasse is a small French town that enjoys a rich history in the art of fragrance creation. Home to the best perfumery schools and fragrance producers, Grasse was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status for its contributions to this creative industry. 

By sourcing fragrance oils from Grasse, Karl Winters offers a world class olfactive experience that will delight your customers.


Our high-quality fragrance library is designed by a talented perfumer based in France. Choose from a rich fragrance collection that is representative of the olfactive families: Floral, Fresh, Woody and Oriental.






For a more personalized fragrance, we offer a 12-week custom fragrance development program. Our perfumer works with you to help identify elements of your brand that are relevant to the creative process. The end result is a beautiful custom fragrance that is consistent with your brand goals.

Companies we had the pleasure to develop luxury private label candles include: