An innovative scent branding agency based in Montreal. Using fragrance and design, we craft scented merchandise such as candles and diffusers that elevate a home decor experience.
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Authenticity and craftsmanship are infused in everything we do at Karl Winters.

Our independence allows us to push the boundaries of design and fragrance to

provide an original experience that is both meaningful and beautiful.


Karl Winters is dedicated to delivering innovative forms of creative expression. Providing a platform where design meets fragrance, we collaborate with emerging perfumers known for their luxuriously classical yet modern approach. By capturing their artistic interpretations through the design of
unique scent stories, we seek to inspire and delight our audiences.

Decorative scented candles expressed as art and luxury

The creative process begins with our hand selected perfumer whose passion 

is to blend fragrances to create beautiful artistic compositions. With an uncanny imagination, 

the perfumer develops a unique scent story often influenced by events, people, travel, and fashion. 

This is balanced with a visual aesthetic that is contemporary, stylish, and modern.

Our fragrances are produced in Grasse, a small town in the South of France.
Renowned for its fragrant flowers such as Jasmine and May Rose, Grasse provides the key ingredients 

for iconic brands such as Dior, Chanel, and Hermes. Grasse is also home to the world’s leading perfumery schools, 

where perfumers compose fragrance notes (similar  to composing classical music) from the finest raw materials.


Your home is a space to re-energize from the outside world. When it comes to setting the mood of your home, aesthetics and scent together create the ultimate holistic experience. Emphasizing color harmony, our decorative candles propose a modern aesthetic whose flow adds beauty and warmth to any space. Their fragrances tell sophisticated stories, designed to be appreciated no differently than a vintage bottle of wine.


Established in 2013, Karl Winters has been providing candles and diffusers to leading

Five Star Hotels, including The Ritz-Carlton, Fairmont, and The Peninsula. Leveraging this legacy in luxury branding, we are excited to introduce a premium candle collection that fuses design with fragrance. One that’s perfectly suited as a gift for your home.

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