Inspired by the intersection of fragrance & art, we offer a portfolio of 

luxury home fragrances and aesthetic candles

that are unique to the Karl Winters brand.

Decorative candles using color and art motifs


Karl Winters is a luxury candle brand dedicated to delivering unique olfactive experiences. Providing a platform where fragrance meets art, we collaborate with perfumers known for their luxuriously classical yet modern approach. By capturing their artistic interpretations through the design of unique scent stories, we seek to inspire and delight our audiences.

Perfumer from Grasse, France
Aesthetic candles that fuse fragrance and art
Decorative scented candles expressed as art and luxury

The creative process begins with our hand selected perfumer whose passion is to blend fragrances to create beautiful artistic compositions. With an uncanny imagination, the perfumer develops a unique signature scent, which is influenced by events, people, travel, and fashion. This is balanced with a visual aesthetic that is contemporary, stylish, and modern.

Woman picking rose flowers in Grasse, the perfume capital

Our fragrances are produced in Grasse, a small town in the South of France.
Renowned for its fragrant flowers such as Jasmine and May Rose, Grasse provides the key ingredients  for iconic brands such as Dior, Chanel, and Hermes. Grasse is also home to the world’s leading perfumery schools, where perfumers compose rich & luxurious fragrances from the finest raw materials.

Aromatherapy candles with heavenly aromas


When it comes to setting the mood of your home, aesthetics and scent together create the ultimate holistic experience. Emphasizing color harmony, our luxury candles propose a stunning aesthetic with heavenly aromas. A perfect way to create an inviting ambiance, a Karl Winters candle is a stylish decorative accent to your home.


Established in Montreal, Karl Winters has been producing luxury scented candles to leading Five Star Hotels, including The Ritz-Carlton, Fairmont, and The Peninsula. Leveraging this legacy in private label candles, we are excited to introduce a luxury all-natural candle collection that fuses fragrance with art. One that’s perfectly suited as a gift for your home.