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Candles Have Been Creating a “Scents” of Calm During Lockdown

If you haven’t already, there’s no better time to dive into the world of scented candles

In March of this year, as quarantines, lockdowns and stay-at-home orders were being put into place in many countries around the world, global retailer Net-A-Porter reported a staggering 130% increase in candle sales, according to Vogue UK. In the months that have followed, the sales of scented candles and home fragrances have only continued to rise. The scented candle, it appears, has become not only a source of refuge from the chaos of the outside world, but a way to add a touch of luxury to our homes. And since we’re not indulging in the usual dinner dates, bar tabs, vacations, and coffee stops, our home life is more crucial to our well-being than ever before.

Candles have an indisputable ability to bring a much-needed sense of comfort and calm to our surroundings, both as home fragrance and as home decor elements. They not only impart a warm glow and an intoxicating, irresistible scent, but their presence in our homes can make any room feel more intimate, welcoming and relaxing. This is why candles are an integral part of the concept of ‘hygge’, the Danish lifestyle trend that infiltrated North America a few years ago. The idea behind hygge is that cultivating coziness and comfort at home brings upon a sense of overall contentment. To encourage that very sense of contentment, Karl Winters collection of four stylish, modern candles—each housed in elegant packaging, designed in France and hand-poured in Montreal—will instantly elevate your home’s decor, adding a touch of sophistication and personality to any room.

The candle market was, in fact, already thriving before lockdown. According to Business of Fashion, “candles are the fastest-growing category in the fragrance market, rising by one-third over the last two years.” In 2018, a beauty industry analyst at market research firm The NPD Group told FASHION Magazine, “[we’ve] noticed a dramatic growth in home-scent sales.” Why the sudden interest in scented candles over the last few years? When things get difficult, it’s human nature to want to get cozy, tuck under the covers and indulge in things that bring us comfort. With today’s COVID-19-induced lockdowns and quarantines, this desire is stronger than ever. Most of us have no choice but to stay home, so it seems the logical next step, or way of coping, is to create an atmosphere of comfort and serenity, if only for the hour or two your candle is lit each evening.

So as the cold air of winter looms around the corner, Karl Winters scented candles can provide the warmth and coziness that we’re all craving. This holiday season, whether as a gift for loved ones or as an act of self-care for yourself, turn to candles—and the feeling of luxury and escape that they provide—for a reminder that after the darkness, there always comes light.

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