Top 5 Candle Manufacturers
in North America

If there’s one trend taking over the luxury industry, it’s the use of premium, scented candles to heighten guest experiences.
From invigorating floral scents to their elegant, sophisticated appearance, luxury scented candles are not only a powerful way to create different moods but are also a convenient way to elevate your living space.
So, who designs and manufacturers luxury candles? There are a few names that produce and house them in stylish modern surfaces. But not all manufacturers are created equal—only a select few can help build out a candle collection tailored to your unique identity/branding.
To save you the research, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best candle manufacturers in North America. But before looking at those companies, we’ll look at the state of the candle market, why candles are the new trend, and the considerations for choosing a candle manufacturer.

The Candle Market

Candles are increasingly being adopted in different industries to create sensorial experiences that enhance the overall ambiance.

According to Grand View Research, the US scented candle market registered a valuation of USD 147.46 million in 2023. And it is forecasted to grow at an annual compound rate of 4.1 percent from 2024 to 2030.

Why Candles Are the New Trend

Candles started to be used as decor in homes in the 1960s, and Yankee Candle helped popularize scented candles in the 80s. In recent years, people are increasingly buying candles for wellness and luxury living. Below are some of the lifestyle factors fueling the trend of using candles.


Candles are often used for aromatherapy and meditation. The scent of certain candles can promote relaxation and reduce stress.


They make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. You can even engrave personal messages on them to make the gift even more special.

Home Decor

Scented candles  add an inviting ambiance to any room. You can use them to set a mood, such as creating a romantic atmosphere, or simply to add a decorative touch to a space.

Choosing a Candle Manufacturer

Creating an exceptional olfactory experience requires the ultimate in candle ingredients and aesthetics. You want to work with a candle manufacturer who has the expertise and technology to produce high quality candles. Plus, consider the following when selecting a candle manufacturing company to work with:

Candle Wax

The type of wax being used for the candle is a crucial consideration for manufacturer selection. Many types of candle waxes exist, with soy, paraffin, coconut, and beeswax being some of the most popular options.
Each wax offers unique benefits, and it is up to the brand to determine which factors such as burn time, price, texture, color, natural ingredients, and sustainability are most important for their product.

Fragrance Quality and Customization

It’s important to consider a manufacturer who has a deep understanding of fragrance chemistry with the ability to create custom fragrances that are unique to your brand. They should also offer a range of  natural fragrance oils that encompasses ingredients like sandalwood, patchouli, bergamot and jasmine.

The best manufacturers also offer perfumers who are trained in the art of fragrance creation. With 20+ years experience, perfumers have acquired the technical knowledge to compose custom fragrances that can be adapted for products like candles and perfumes. Companies that leverage a perfumer’s expertise can develop fragrance collections that align with their brand goals.

Candle Jar Design

While a traditional clear glass candle jar is the industry standard, custom candle jar manufacturers have evolved to offer a wide range of options. From classic black and white to more unique shades like bronze, amber, frosted, and metallic, the possibilities are endless.
The best luxury candle manufacturers even offer the ability to customize the candle jar to match any pantone color of your choice, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate the candles into your shop or hotel.

Package Design

Package design can enhance the brand experience of a candle
A candle’s packaging can greatly enhance the overall experience for the guests and create a lasting impression of your chain. So, when choosing a candle manufacturer, consider the types of package design they offer/can create.
For instance, some manufacturers can customize a candle box using special paper and printing methods like gold foil and embossing. Others can make personalized candles featuring a customer’s name or custom message to add a special touch and make it a great gift idea. Top candle manufacturers also serve as package designers and offer recommendations on design styles and color finishes.

Top 5 Candle Manufacturers in North America

1. Private Label Candles

In business since 2001, Private Label Candles specializes in custom candle manufacturing. The company offers 75+ candle scents as well as the option for custom fragrance development. Selecting an in-stock candle jar is easy, with decorative colors ranging from black, white, frosted and amber. 

Each candle from Private Label Candles is hand-poured and made with the finest quality ingredients, including the manufacturer’s proprietary soy blend wax, 100% natural wicks and high grade fragrances. 

Their order minimums are as low as 108 candles and turnaround time is less than eight weeks.

2. Stone Candles

Stone Candles is another USA-based candle manufacturer that focuses on crafting unique and innovative candles using the finest coconut wax. Its candles boast one of the cleanest burns on the market and are available in a variety of sizes, scents, and fragrances. You can browse its eco-friendly range of candles with over 1,000 products available.

Stone Candles takes pride in the fact that its candles are non-toxic, non-GMO, paraben-free, and never animal tested.

Plus, the company uses the cleanest fragrance oils in the world that abide by the California 65 Prop and European-Regulated Banned Ingredients

3. Karl Winters Co.

Karl Winters Co. is a luxury candle manufacturer that was established in 2012. With a team of perfumers, brand experts, and package designers, its able to craft candles that not only look and smell beautiful, but also specially designed to communicate your brand.

From its fragrance library to custom packaging options, Karl Winters is specialized at helping companies create highly customized candle collections. Whether you’re looking for a  branded signature scent or luxurious candle gift for your private event, Karl Winters’ experienced team are committed to exceeding expectations.

4. P.F. Candle Company

Considered one of the best candle fragrance suppliers, P.F. Candle Company offers a wide range of scents and products all made with natural ingredients. You can shop candles by scents or browse through the entire catalog of P.F. ‘s vegan, cruelty-free candles. The company has a variety of collections such as Classic, Amber, and Teakwood, with each boasting its own unique scent and style.

PF Candle Company is a leading candle manufacturer in North America
P.F. Candle Company also offers a wide range of sizes and styles for their candles, from travel tins to large glass jars, making them perfect for any occasion. However, it does not offer product personalization at this time.
PF Candle Company is a leading candle manufacturer in North America

5. Voluspa Candles

Voluspa is one of the leading candle manufacturers in North America. Its candles are hand-poured in California, using the company’s proprietary coconut wax blend. Plus, the manufacturer uses 100% natural, handset wicks and globally-sourced ingredients for production.

Voluspa is a leading candle manufacturer in North America

Some of Voluspa’s best-selling candles include White Cypress and Baltic Amber. The White Cypress candle has a classic yet contemporary Holiday scent–perfect for uplifting the mood of your guests. The Baltic Amber gives a swoon-worthy golden glow that radiates lingering warmth across the space. Besides glass candles, you can also find tin candles as well as other items like reed diffusers in Voluspa’s catalog.

Voluspa is a leading candle manufacturer in North America



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